Elite College Scouting

Mission Statement
ECS Statement:
Deciding where you will go to college can be a decision that ultimately affects the rest of your life. With over 40 years of experience in public education and in coaching high school baseball, we have witnessed first hand how challenging this decision can be for both student-athletes and their parents.

It is through our desire to assist student-athletes and to better serve them through this difficult process that Elite College Scouting was founded in the Fall of 2017. Our goal is to provide each player and their family with the right guidance and direction while coming to this all important decision. Our services offer a road map for the college recruiting process while bridging the gap between academics and athletics. We believe that our unique system can cut down and eliminate a lot of the red tape and unnecessary costs that are traditionally involved in this process.

We have assembled an "Elite" staff of professionals consisting of accomplished high school, college, and professional baseball coaches, as well as top academic counselors and instructors . Our services range from detailed player evaluations using specific metrics, academic counseling as well as SAT/ACT prep courses, production of pro grade individual player videos, and ultimately serving as representatives for our players while networking with college recruiters.

The critical attribute that separates and distinguishes our organization are the many positive relationships that we have built over the years with college coaches and recruiters. These relationships have been built based upon honesty and trust and our years of experience have helped to make up a vast network of NCAA contacts at each level.

The first step in our process begins with a thorough evaluation of each player. This is not a sign up and pay type of program. We cannot accept every player who applies and will only select players whose evaluation shows that we can successfully place them at the next level. Once that determination is made, we will actively try to place any student-athlete who is a part of our team at a school that offers them the best combination of academic fit and athletic ability.

We look forward to establishing new relationships with student-athletes and parents in the future. These relationships will undoubtedly be based upon the same principles of honesty and trust that have led us to so many outstanding people in this great game of baseball.